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Assigned Management Staff

Executive Director:  The executive director is the main point person for the association. Their job is to provide leadership and direction for the board of directors.  They are to consult, manage, and execute decisions made by the board. The executive director oversees and coordinates activities to help achieve goals and objectives in line with the standards and mission of the association.

Association Manager:  The association manager is the second point person for the association.  They serve as the backup for the assigned executive director.  They attend board meetings and programming meetings along with the executive director to make sure they are kept up to date on association business.  

Bookkeeper:  The bookkeeper is responsible for overseesing the association's financials including but not limited to the entry of bills, processing of payments, deposits, and bank reconcillations utilizing QuickBooks.  They also are responsible for preparation of monthly financials for board meetings and preparation of annual reports as requested. 

Accountant:  The accountant works with the bookkeeper serving as a checks and balances as well as preparing association tax returns.  

Attorney:  The attorney serves as a consultant when needed.

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