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Internet Newsletter


  • ž   Consult with the business development chair and committee on content, goals, marketing strategy, etc.

  • ž   Establish publication timeline and guidelines

  • ž   Identify and establish list of contributing writers

  • ž   Establish and assign publication contribution topics/articles

  • ž   Work with contributing writers to help them meet their deadline goals through various correspondences and reminders

  • ž   Collect all articles from contributing writers

  • ž   Review and edit submissions for grammar and spelling errors

  • ž   Publish newsletter on website according to established publication timeline release dates

  • ž   Distribute newsletter via email and social media whenever possible

  • ž   Collect information pertaining to requested articles of interest

  • ž   Communicate any and all inquiries to specific articles to writer of said piece

  • ž   Remove old posts from website according to established guidelines

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