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The first question most people ask us is, "What is an association management company?  Answer: "An AMC is a business that manages multiple associations to help them grow and prosper." - American Society of Association Executives.  The term "association management" covers a broad range of companies providing a variety of services to varying degrees.  If you are considering hiring an AMC, you will need to do some research to understand what each particular AMC offers and if they are right for your association. 


Vantage Point 360, LLC is a full service association management company.  This means we not only provide complete day to day management services, but we also offer additional services including board education and training, and strategic planning and budgeting.  VP360 provides clients a high level of management expertise, through a professional, experienced staff that consistently manages each association's administrative needs in a skilled, efficient, and cost effective manner.  


Many associations are under the impression their sole option is to hire a full time executive director incurring the related management expenses, not to mention the costs from maintaining office space.  Much of this expense can be eliminated or reduced by hiring an AMC.  This is exactly where Vantage Point 360, LLC steps in.


Vantage Point 360, LLC provides each association with an assigned executive director, managing director, and bookkeeper along with a permanent and professional office location.  Associations can feel confident that their needs are being met, and most importantly, at a distinctly lower expense than hiring staff, but with greatly increased expertise and quality of service. 


We encourage you to read through our site to learn more about this industry and specifically what Vantage Point 360, LLC can provide your association. 

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