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How do you stay relevant?

"Make every interaction count, even the small ones.
They are all relevant."

- Shep Hyken

Staying in front of your clients is important.  Keeping relevant means everything. Touchpoints was created to help you do just that.  For only $36 a month, Touchpoints provides three points of recent financial or insurance news to help keep your clients up to speed on relevant industry topics; Facts & Tidbits offer two pieces of lighter fare, and our financial quote of the week provides your clients some "food for thought."  This newsletter is geared toward the financial services industry.    


Touchpoints is a subscription delivered to your inbox every Monday morning.*  You may send it out to your clients as is, break it up, or even use it as posts for your social media.  Whatever you want to use it for, it will help you to stay in front of your clients showing them that you are keeping up to speed on things in the news and care that they stay informed. 


It is up to each subscriber to have it approved by your individual compliance departments, if required, before sending.

One subscription per individual.  Your subscription can not be shared.  If you are interested in a company plan for multiple advisors, please contact Kim Camillo directly at

* Newsletters will not be sent the week of the following holidays; Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.  Graphics will be provided in its place.

ONLY $36 a month

Less than $10 a week

An investment in you!

 $36 a month! Less than $10 a week!

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